Monday, January 14, 2013

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Okay, let's talk shop for just a in the actual shop I just opened.  We're ready to start booking appointments for our various styling services!  How exciting is that?!  You'll find all the details on our booking page (which you can get to by clicking here or looking just below the header at the top of this page and clicking 'Schedule An Appointment').

I've spent quite a bit of time working on my business model because I'm kind of sailing in uncharted waters here.  There aren't a lot of people building what I'm trying to build and let me just tell's wonderful and terrifying all at the same time.  At the end of the day, I've realized styling is a really affordable luxury that has all kinds of potential to help people.  Are growing pains and anxious moments ahead?  Of course!  But that's true of anything worth doing and I'm so excited to try and do this well.   

I broke down what I'm offering into three basic categories; Wardrobe Styling, Home Styling and Event Styling.  There's a variety of services available in each category, the details of which I've listed below.  All of our paid services are set at $40 an hour with a two hour minimum, but I'm also offering free in office consultations at our 144 McGavock Pike Nashville, TN location.  You can book an appointment right on this website (via the 'Schedule An Appointment' link I mentioned earlier)...if you see something that piques your interest there's no time like the present to follow up on it!  Now without further ado, here's what's on the menu...

Wardrobe Styling Services
Wardrobe Evaluation:
Your space, your time and the way you present yourself are all valuable...let's maximize all three and tackle your closet together. During your session we'll sort through your wardrobe and make edits based on clothes' condition, fit and style. Get ready for your fresh start! (20-40 pieces an hour)

Closet Shopping:
Did you know there's outfits...great outfits...outfits you'll love hiding out in your closet? It's true. And we can help you find them. After analyzing your wardrobe and accessories, we'll put together a look book of stylish options suited just for you and using pieces you already own. We'll even help you create a list of missing items that would pull together more looks still. Let us show you your closet in a new'll be shocked at what we'll uncover. (10-15 outfits an hour)

Personal Shopping:
Let's go shopping, shall we? Whether you know what you're looking for or just know you want a change, you've come to the right place. We'll shop with you or for you, at local stores or online, and handle the pick up, delivery and return of all items. Learn to navigate trends and choose flattering styles at any price point...a perfect option for season changes, special occasions, a new job, an exciting vacation, weight fluctuation or simply turning over a new leaf! (3-5 garments an hour)

Personal Style Consultation:
Visit our Nashville, TN location for a FREE 20 minute consultation. We'll talk about how to define your personal style and share a few tips and tricks. If you're looking for a helpful, relaxed way to decide whether Wardrobe Styling is for you, this is it!

Home Styling Services
Room Consultation:
Let us help you identify your vision and the key pieces of furniture and accessories that can make it a reality. Maximize the flow of your home by re-arranging the pieces you have and/or add new ones to freshen your space. Together we can create a space with function and style that reflects you and your family.

Home Staging Services:
Selling your home? Entertaining VIPs? Preparing to have your house photographed? Home staging is all about making small changes that leave a big impact. Looking for a low investment and fast results? Look no further.

Color and/or Custom Drapery Consultation:
Visit our Nashville, TN location for a FREE 20 minute consultation. We'll discuss your color preferences and offer a few specific suggestions for high quality paint combos that are sure to brighten your home. Interested in elevating your space with custom draperies? Come browse our extensive library of fabrics!

Event Styling Services 
Venue and Tablescape Styling:
Whether you're throwing a party for 4 or 400, you want it to be fabulous in every possible way. We can help you achieve a memorable impact through venue and table design, gifts and favors, menu consultation, event branding and much more.

General Event Consultation:
Visit our Nashville, TN location for a FREE 20 minute consultation. If you're just looking to bounce around a few ideas and see if event styling services would benefit you, we'd love to meet with you!

So there you have it...I'm really going for it, folks!  I hope you'll tell your Mom, your sister, your Facebook friends, and anyone else you think might listen (have I mentioned how great you guys are lately?) :)  I'm thrilled to get this ball rolling...there's just nothing quite like a new adventure.


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