Thursday, January 31, 2013


I'm hopelessly addicted to Etsy...I've accepted it and you're just gonna have to accept it too.  Pick an interest- any interest- and chances are there's a really talented artist out there with an Etsy shop that caters to it.  The trick is having the foresight to place an order in advance since the turn around time isn't always immediate (it's the price you pay for handmade...totally worth it if you ask me).  I rounded up a few of my favorite Etsy Valentine's for your viewing pleasure.  If you order by this weekend I bet you'll get 'em in time! 

If your significant other is as awesome as I suspect, these should put a smile on their face:

Since Hermione Granger and I are kindred spirits and I am- in a lot of ways- a hopeless nerd, I just had to include a few of my favorite geeked out valentine references.  This is what I'm talking about with Etsy!  How great is this?!

And since I've spent far more February 14ths with my besties than I have with valentines, here's a few for your best gal pals:


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