Friday, June 4, 2010

Z Gallerie Fever

Today I was strolling through the mall and had the best intentions of casually breezing through Z Gallerie.  Instead, I had a genuine kid in a candy store reaction to pretty much every item I came in contact with.  Before I knew it, I was enthusiastically yelling the very phrases that make cheesy commercials unrealistic (because who talks like that, anyway?).  Somewhere between ”look at these prices!” and “this is great stuff!” I got a grip, but I really was floored by the selection and deals.  I know I’ve briefly mentioned an item or two from Z Gallerie in the past, but today’s experience made me realize I’m doing every last one of you a disservice if I don’t let you know how fabulous this store is!  Here are a few of my favorite selections.  

This floor candelabra is made of heavyweight iron and finished in antiqued silver leaf.  It’s just under $200 and a real statement piece!

The Benny Sofa is impressive because it’s tailored but soft and tufted but modern...not an easy combination to find.  To add to it’s distinctiveness, Z Gallerie gave it a meager $1000 price tag.  The look is hard to beat.

I’m crazy about this full length mirror- look at the size of that thing!  It’s well over six feet tall!  A mirror this large can open up any space, plus it’s beautifully functional and right around $500.  

To simply say I want this in my house is a pretty massive understatement.  These hand carved panels would bring all kinds of character to any space they landed.  They’re one of the more expensive items in the store (I tend to be a magnet for all things pricey) but even still they’re less than $800.

I can’t think of too many foods I wouldn’t eat out of these pretty servers- and get this, they’re less than $9!  I’m telling you, this store is a goldmine...

Great color, versatile design, graceful, elegant, luxurious and soft.  Enough said.

These Giant Mums are made entirely out of paper and remind me of an Anthropologie display (which automatically makes them perfect it my book).  They’re about $30 for the set.


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