Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Storage Solutions

The biggest issue in my home- by far- is storage.  Our townhouse is wonderful in so many ways, but the space issues sometimes overshadow all the positives.  I finally broke down and got a storage unit, which I can already tell will be worth every last penny.  Even with less to store in my room, I still needed a lot of help figuring out how to make what I need accessible.  On my Mom’s last visit we tackled the space and made it work once and for all- here’s a few of the things we tried that were particularly effective.

Create Your Own Furniture

Yup, you read that right.  Think about what you need a piece of furniture to accomplish and see if you can’t bring it to life.  In our particular case I had a small wall area but needed lots of storage, as well as some surface area to set jewelry and makeup on.  Decorative MacGyver that she is, my Mom bought two $25 three foot storage cabinets from Target, a couple cans of high gloss lacquer spray paint, some new handles, and a mirror and created a beautiful piece that offers me exactly what I need.  All she did was assemble the cabinets, nail them together back to back, get them dolled up and place the mirror on top to create a table.  It was so simple and less than $100 all together!   

Use Clear Storage Bins

If you don’t create a storage system that’s easy to maintain, get ready to re-organize on a bi-hourly basis.  Clear storage bins give you the added advantage of finding whatever item you’re looking for without having to mess up everything else.  We particularly liked the small clear bins we found for my jewelry, as well as the clear As Seen on TV shoe organizer (who knew some of those As Seen on TV products are actually worth buying!?).  

Extension Cords

Because all available wall space in my room is taken up by storage, I didn’t have easy access to even one outlet.  This was frustrating to say the least.  With the extension cords we added this weekend, however, I’ve got the situation under control.  It was an easy fix and something I should’ve done a long time ago.  When you’re optimizing space in your room make sure you take access to outlets into consideration, trust me it’s not worth the frustration.

Organize For Your Personality

I read an article in Real Simple magazine not long ago that talked about the importance of organizing in way that works for you.  They offered great suggestions for right and left brainers alike- read more about it here.


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