Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Long Live the Man Cave

In honor of Father’s Day this Sunday, today’s post is all about Man Caves.  The more I read up on this topic, the more I realized women are quite often offended by the mere mention of it.  Though it seems it should go without saying, I’m not suggesting you create a room women aren’t allowed to enter….but I also disagree that allowing a room for traditionally masculine items is sexist in any way.  If you’re married and do have the space, the case for Man Caves is actually somewhat compelling.  Looking for a space to put a few reasonable bachelor pad items that were previously vetoed, any object with a sports team insignia, game consoles, or other articles you simply don’t want jumbled with the rest of your well decorated house?  What about an available place to turn on the Yankees/Dodgers game so you can watch Extreme Home Makeover?  Or a space that contains his buddies messes?  A Man Cave fits the bill across the board.  On top of all that, many psychiatrists say it may even be good for your marriage.  Sure, they’re not for every family, but they absolutely have their benefits.  Aim to make the space handsome and you’ll find a middle ground between his imagination running completely wild (see below) and the rest of your house.

Think big frames, dark woods, rich colors and strong patterns.  Fill the room with fun activities that fit your budget like a pool table (on the high end of the spectrum) or dart board (on the lower end).  This isn’t a space where he goes to run away from you and it’s not an area meant to be kept in disarray…it’s a place your family can enjoy, created with a special man in mind.  Here are a few examples of remarkable man caves we think the average man would go bananas over.


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