Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shades of Light

Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a big fan of a few things: Philadelphia Sports Teams of any variety, dark chocolate, museums, my family and chandeliers- though not necessarily in that order.  Of that list, the least present in my day to day life is currently chandeliers (or tangible ones, at least).  Though I’m hoping that will change some far off day I’m just not currently in a space that can handle the kind of fabulousness I’m looking to wreak.  Although there’s part of me that wants to believe a truly fantastic chandelier is always a good choice, common sense tells me that simply can not be true.  Whether you’re faced with a space that can’t quite handle a full blown chandelier, or (gasp) you just don’t want one there IS a very chic alternative I’ve been enamored with as of late.  A classic, well designed hanging drum lampshade is versatile and extremely stylish.  It may very well be the next best thing to the chandeliers I love so dearly…not to mention it’s potentially less expensive and more practical.  Here are a few fantastic shades I just love!

When you think of a hanging lamp shade, a piece somewhat like this beauty from West Elm probably comes to mind.  This simple, modern design creates soft lighting and a space with a lot of ambiance. 

While I realize I’m straying a bit into chandelier territory with this piece from Horchow, I just couldn’t help but include it.  The iron openwork frame is gorgeous!

The fine folks on Etsy never cease to amaze me.  This shade come from a series created out of original vintage vinyl wallpaper from the 70’s, mounted onto PVC lining.  Very creative, and very cool.

If you’ve got something very specific in mind, don’t waste your time with anything other than Alluminare.  Their slogan is “You design it, We make it happen” and they’re not lying.  With Alluminare you can create semi-custom ceiling lighting, lamps, wallpaper, fabric, throw pillows and more by selecting from their patters and colors.  While there’s not a gigantic selection of patterns, they don’t disappoint when it comes to color selections- it’s extensive to say the least.  I had a blast messing around with different color combinations and patterns (see below)- the possibilities are endless!


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