Friday, September 7, 2012

Working For The Weekend

What...a...week!  There's part of me that wants to say my legs feel like jelly and I'm a bit fried but I don't think you get to talk about how tired you are when the reason you're exhausted is from having too much fun?

"I mean, we just walked up and down 5th Avenue in Manhattan shopping and shopping and shopping, and the day before that we had to carry all this free stuff for blocks on the way back to the hotel!"

...That's not okay, right?  Didn't think so.  But it is true.  Also true: I had the best time at Lucky Fabb and I'm so thankful for the experience!  I met some incredible people, learned a ton, and discovered a bunch of fabulous-ness I can't wait to share with you.  In fact, every link in this week's Working For The Weekend is connected to something I experienced or encountered at some point during Lucky Fabb.

But first!  Wanna see a few snapshots?  I thought you might...

While I loved every last bit of Day 1, the vast majority of these snapshots are from Day 2.  Because as much as I adore Rachel Zoe (who was incredible, by the way) and Lauren Conrad and the hilarious Simon Doonan, Day 2 was just a little more...picturesque.  Case in point: this is me at Tiffany & Co. with a five karat ring on.  

No, I'm not engaged.  No, I'm not dropping hints to anyone in particular (unless, of course, Prince Harry is reading which case, I most certainly am).  It just so happens that I started yesterday off by having breakfast at Tiffany's (can you even believe that!?) and trying on a bunch of jewelry.  Their jewelry.  Tiffany's diamond jewelry.  It was the "Am I dreaming?" moment of a lifetime.

At that point, someone could've punched me in the face and it still would've been the greatest day I've had in recent memory.  But no...there was no punching...only more incredibleness.  From Tiffany's, we headed towards Bergdorf Goodman where we reveled in a few more "is this real life?" moments...

...and where I'm pretty sure I had the best cappuccino ever made.  From this point on, the day became fun for reasons that had less to do with shopping (though there was still a good amount of shopping-induced-joy going around).  I made some great friends (who we'll talk more about in a second) and got to spend the rest of the afternoon getting to know them and enjoying their company.  It was delightful.  

Oh!  One last thing before we get to the weekend outfits!  I wanted to make sure I delivered on my promise to post a few pictures today.  If I can get some better shots up later I most certainly will.  My Day 1 outfit isn't too far off from the inspiration pictures I posted in this week's Mirror, Mirror- right?  I really loved how it all came together.  And I know...I'm the worst...I didn't even get a full length shot of my Day 2 dress.  And it was incredible, too!  Floor length, really was a definite gem.  Speaking of gems...allow me to point out the sad but true fact that that's not my necklace.  It's actually $1.4 MILLION dollars worth of diamonds from Tiffany & Co.  Seriously.  Unreal.  So...yeah...great day.  Great freaking day.

Now (finally) for the weekend links...enjoy and I'll see you Monday!

So important and so overlooked!

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.Jessica. said...

I don't want; I NEED that dress from Day #2. It is stunning!

Also, I sort of hate you for having this experience. Envy at its finest.

Ali Mackin said...

Fun post! We met at the conference and had such a nice chat over our " Breakfast at Tiffany's" I am following you now! Check out my bog if you get a chance and are not too busy event planning!

Unknown said...

I loved meeting you at Lucky FABB! Wish we could have talked longer, wish even more that you lived in NY. Let me know when you're in town again.

Your blog is amazing and your writing is hilarious. I'll be visiting often :)


Tanvi said...

It was lovely meeting you in NYC :)

∞ © ∞

L.A. in the bay said...

It was so wonderful to meet you Gaby! And this post is even more wonderful. Thank you for the sweet shout out.

Hope to stay in touch!

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