Monday, September 3, 2012

Best Day Ever: Wilson Country Fair

As most of you know, I have somewhat of an extreme vernacular.  In this last weekend alone I saw the "funniest thing I've ever seen", had the "most irritating flight of all time" and ate the "best pizza I've ever had in my life" (though I actually maintain that pizza one is true).  For this reason, I've aptly titled this brand new series (!!!) best day ever...partly because I can't help but talk that way but also because it's what I want this series to chronicle.  Great moments with great friends wearing great clothes in great places...sounds like the best day ever to me!  As an added bonus, I'm finally filling the "personal style post"-shaped hole that's existed in Design Muse for awhile...needless to say I'm pumped about it.

Since our inaugural Best Day Ever post falls on Labor Day, I based it around my favorite end of summer treat....the Wilson County Fair!  I brought one of my nearest, dearest pals along for the (literal!) ride and styled us both for pre-fall fun.  Now...if you're thinking, 'that's not your friend, that's a professional model', then you are exactly half right.  While Nina is technically a model, she's also very much my real life compadre.  Which means I get to pay her in Audrey Hepburn movie marathons instead of's a great arrangement.  

First, let's talk about all our fun.  We rode classic rides, ate ridiculous-but-awesome food (spiral potatoes!  deep fried Oreos!  chocolate covered cheesecake!  and the list goes on...) played hilarious games and people-watched like we've never people-watched before.  It was everything one could hope for in a county fair.

In terms of our outfits, I wanted to keep things fun but casual.  Nina's look was all about balancing trendy with refined so I kept my focus on choosing the right shapes and fabrics.  For example, the chiffon leopard shirt lightened the trendy (but heavy) leather shorts, while the classic Chanel-esque cardigan polished the ensemble as a whole.  See how it all works together?

My outfit, on the other hand, was an exercise in subtly marrying patterns, brights and neutrals.  I paid special attention to scale (big stripes with small leopard pattern) and the use of pops of a single color.  

While the majority of our outfits are from previous seasons, we are wearing a few items currently on the market including both our necklaces (Nina's, mine), and my shoes...for more information about other pieces we're wearing feel free to shoot me an e-mail!

A million thanks to Nina and our photographer, the multi-talented Kelsey Wells, for making this idea come to life.  So...what do you guys think of this new series?  Good?  Bad?  Best thing ever?  Comment below and fill me in!


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