Friday, June 10, 2011

Table for Twelve: Danielle's "Desserting" Us

If Table for Twelves are my digital children, then this month's party was most certainly an unplanned pregnancy.  Let me explain.  The average Table for Twelve takes weeks to plan and execute, but this time around I didn't have weeks.  In fact, I barely had days.  You see, in a bittersweet turn of events our dear itty bitty Danielle was offered an amazing promotion that required her to re-locate to Little Rock, Arkansas.  Immediately.  And there was no way I was letting her leave without a proper send-off.  So the girls buckled down and helped me strategize, buy, craft and cook like we've never strategized, bought, crafted, and cooked in our lives.  It's amazing what a little elbow grease can amount to.  We came up with the theme Danielle's "Desserting" Us because Danni has a bit (okay, more than a bit) of a sweet tooth.  But more on dessert in just a second.  Let's start with the table.

In an effort to be supportive, we wanted to make this a happy party...which presented a bit of a problem cause we were all totally bummed she was leaving.  Since drastic times call for drastic measures we decided to go totally overboard on frou frou and fun.  And I think it sorta worked!

We set up (and decked out) an ice cream bar and had everyone bring the toppings of their choice.  I think my favorite decorating detail was our puff ball ice cream cones, although the hurricanes filled with glitter confetti rank pretty high on my list of 'things that make me squeal YAY'.  

We had a couple surprises for Danielle- the first was the party itself.  The others were stacks of CD's for her road trips, an 'I love Nashville' t-shirt we all signed (perfect for PJ's), and the mason jar cakes I highlighted in yesterday's Foodie Files.  

Despite the fact that we knew we'd be Danielle-less after the party ended, we had a grand time.  And in the moments when we couldn't help but shed a few tears, we reminded each other what an exciting time this is for our sweet girl.  Cause that's what families do. :)  So, Danielle- we miss you already and hate that you're far but know we're so incredibly proud of you.  You may have "desserted" us, but you couldn't loose us if you tried. :)  Here's to our night of...

For more details on this or any Table for Twelve (we've racked up quite a few, now!  Picnic in the Park, Royal Wedding, Breakfast at Tiffany'sValentine's Day), or to find out more about Design-Muse's party planning or design services, contact me here.


Anonymous said...

Wait so whos pregnant? Thats so sad you guys are moving apart from each other. The twins are split up .Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

Gabby such a great memory and for sure felt the love. Thank you for bringing my family together for such great moments. You all KNOW me too well and it was such a perfect party with all my favorite treats.
EVERYONE the cake in the JAR was the most amazing treat and it was so easy for me to snack on for my five hour drive to little rock!

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