Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Ghost of Modge Podge

I think all crafters have some sort of history with Modge Podge- maybe they merely dabbled in it...perhaps it was a full blown craze.  I'm not here to judge, either way.  And you're about to see why.  At one point in my life (heretofore referred to as the Dark Ages) I was an all out serial Modge-Podger.  I had a legit problem.  Had you asked my 14 year old self "what's cooler than a Snapple bottle covered in phrases like "boys! boys! boys!" and "2 cool 4 school"?"- she would have emphatically responded "nothing".  While I like to think of the Dark Ages as being behind me, I'm not sure a phase like that ever totally leaves your system...even after you see the error of your ways.  Which brings me to my point.  I found my stash the other day.  Yes, the box full of magazine clippings I'd cut in my spare time who knows how many years ago...should an occasion for Modge Podge arise, I was prepared.  I know, I know, I know- it's ridiculous that I made it, it's ridiculous that I kept it, but it's also hilarious so I couldn't help but share.  There are literally hundreds of clippings, organized by color, subject matter and text (I may have been crazy, but at least I was organized).  Here are a few shots just to give you a visual.  Laugh it up, people...this junk is funny. :)


Anonymous said...

haha this makes me laugh, talk about a blast from my past! I never Modge Podged but I collaged the heck out of everything! Posterboards to use as wall art, school binders, notes to friends, picture frames...and my teenage choices were just like yours, a mix of hot boys and "inspirational" words!

diana said...

oooohhh those were dark days indeed... though part of me is convinced there is an adult way to do it :) i still have a modge podged box you gave me. it's classic!

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