Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mirror, Mirror

I have a serious love/hate relationship with packing my suitcase.  When I give myself enough time to plan, it's actually kind of fun...sort of like a game.  When I'm rushed- forget's a guaranteed 75 pounds of nothing to wear.  Yet- for whatever reason- it's still nearly impossible for me to suck it up and start the packing process!  In fact, at this very moment I'm procrastinating packing for my trip to Miami this weekend.  After putting together today's Mirror, Mirror I had the illusion of progress.  Then I remembered I don't actually own any of these things (bummer).  Nonetheless, I'm loving this outfit.  Here's hoping I fare as well with my real clothes.  Wish me luck!

1. Lacoste Large Rectangle Sunglasses, Piperlime $118  2. Bronzed To Perfection Polish, OPI $5.49  3. Aztec Ring, Jenny Packham £80  4. Papaya Pebbles Necklace, Anthropologie $48  5. Hip Gig Dress, ModCloth $42.99  6. Matt and Nat Santogold Snake Evelope Bag, Tobi $164  7. Ash Molly Beaded Sandal, Free People $198


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