Friday, June 24, 2011

Que Bella

Well, it's time to play Que Bella catch up!  The last few weeks have been out of control but so fantastic.  My trip to Miami was a step up from fact, I'd go as far as to say it was straight up medicinal (the sugar coated medicine that tastes awesome, even).  I can't remember the last time I felt this refreshed and downright happy- and not just in my body, in my spirit as well.  It was perfect for a million reasons but I can't imagine you're interested in sitting there whilst I list them I'll just narrow it down to 1,000.  Kidding.  How's 3 (in no particular order)?

Reason #1 my vacation was the greatest week I've had in recent memory: I got some ever-so-valuable quality time in with my partner in crime, Jess.  Our road trip (yup, we drove.  15 hours, thanks for asking) was filled to the brim with everything from murder mysteries and scavenger hunts to progressive lunches and (in a temporary lapse of judgement) the shadiest motel Orlando had to offer.  We have way too much fun together.  Way, way too much.

Reason #2: Two words...Rendezvous Conference.  My goodness, it was amazing.  Not only was I so proud of my bestie, DawnChere (she and her husband worked their little tails off to make this thing happen), but I just couldn't get over how powerful the sessions were.  DC shared a message about "The moments we return to" that's been ringing in my ear ever since.  I honestly wish everyone I know could've come (including you)...since you missed it, you should check out this re-cap video.  It's legit.

Reason #3: Our cruise.  Where do I even start?  I'm telling you, when Jess and I were making our plans we had no idea how many wonderfully perfect twists and turns were ahead (isn't life fun like that?).  To make a looooooong story short, we ended up expanding our crew of 2 to a party of 7 when a few of our favorite people were able to score last minute tickets aboard.  Cruisecation turned into Duronpalooza and Gabby and Jessie turned into the happiest girls in the world.  Check out just a few of the things that went into making our weekend so perfect:


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