Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Guest Blog: Diana from Harvey Designs

I love receiving letters in the mail.  It’s at the top of my list of my favorite things.  Next to actually speaking to that person face to face, receiving a letter is the best way to feel that a loved one/ dear friend is present.  Seeing their handwriting, knowing they touched the same piece of paper you are now holding is a very tactile experience.  It means the world to me.

It’s not just the receiving of letters!  I love to write letters, which brings me to the topic of this post.  STATIONERY!  I firmly believe that everyone needs at least one, nice, all-purpose set of stationery.  (Sounds old fashioned, but have you ever tried to write a professional thank you note on a piece of ruled notebook paper?  Not. Happening.)  All-purpose stationery can be boring and uninspiring, so I have scoured the internet etsy, and have four different categories that should cover just about any situation.  I have included some of my favorites for each category! 

Romantic: Tip: guys… girls LOVE getting little notes, even better if they’re not on the back of a napkin!  And I don’t care how tough guys are, they like getting letters too!  (amiright?!)

Professional: asking for that raise looks so much better when it’s written on a nice polished piece of stationery!                                    

Friends/ Family: cheeky or just plain old fun, this is my favorite category.

Specific occasion: thank yous, birthdays, sympathy, etc.  Easily the most used category.

Now get out there and send some love! 

1. You're My Favorite, Sparrow Nest Script $5  2. I Love You More Than Tea, Storey Shop £3.95  3. Golden Heart, Lucie Prichard $7.50  4. We Go Together, Sapling Press $4.50  5. Whispy Personalized Stationary, Blushing Pearl $55 for 20  6. Honeycomb Letterpress, Long Stem Lollipop $10  7. Modern Circle Personalized Stationary, Ruby Press $120 for 50 calling cards and 20 notes  8. Blossoming Flower Notes, Ruby Press $75 for 50  9. Classic Personalized Letterpress, Penelope's Press $25 for set of 15 10. You Are Greater Than Cupcakes, 4Four $3.75  11. Howdy Bunny, Brush and Mallet $3.75  12. Peacock Cards, Kinaloon $24 for 10  13. Sassy Girls, La Belle Vie Design $15  14. Hugs Letterpress, Steel Petal Press $4  15. Rainy Day Letterpress, Letterpress $4.50  16. Thank You Card, Print For Love of Wood £2.50  17. Some Things Just Suck, Letterary Press $4  18. Birthday Card, Able and Game $4 

I was thinking about it this morning and I can safely say that, outside of my family, Diana is my oldest friend (friendship-old, Diana-not old...just to clarify).  I have a treasure chest full of memories with my dear, sweet Denna Bug (you knew I was gonna go there, didn't you Di?)- after 20 some years I still rely on her encouragement and friendship and I'm still blown away by just how creative she is!  Thanks so much for the incredible post, Diana...you're quite literally the best.  To check out Diana's awesomeness on a regular basis, visit her at Harvey Designs or follow her on Twitter at @HarveyDesigns or @di3pt14.


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