Thursday, June 9, 2011

Paradise Island: Me!

Have you ever played that game "Desert Island"?  You know what I'm talking about.  "You're going to a desert island and you can only bring 3 books/DVDs/etc....what do you bring?".  It's an oldie but a goodie and I think it tells you a lot about a person.  Which works out really well for me, cause I've got some lovely ladies I've been dying to introduce to you in a more in depth manner (and I mean that in the least eHarmony way possible...although there are a few single ones wink, wink).  I know everyone thinks they have the best family and the most amazing friends, but I'm pretty sure I actually do.  And this Summer, I intend to prove it in a rather fun manner.  I asked all my beautiful Table for Twelve girls to help me put together a Summer series I'm calling Paradise Island.  It's the same concept as the desert island game...only less Survivor and more Atlantis Resort.  The stipulations I gave them were as follows:

1) Choose 5-10 items you'd have to bring with you to "Paradise Island".
2) Concentrate on pieces that reflect your personality and style.
3) You have no budget.  Go.

I'm so excited to show you their fun finds and let you in on just a glimpse of their fabulousness.  Make sure you check back here every Thursday this Summer so you don't miss out on a thing!  

All that being said, I'm starting off our new series with my Paradise Island picks.  It's got favorite thing after favorite thing...this is me in a nutshell, folks.  And just in case our roundup of goods fails to give you enough insight, I asked the girls to include answers to a few short smile-inducing questions alongside their picks.  Here are mine: 

If I was famous, it would be for being Joey from Dinner & a Suit's sister, writing a wildly successful book or marrying congressman Aaron Schock (don't get me started on my 'why I'd be a good political wife' shpeal). :)
Princess Kate would be my celebrity BFF...
...and she would help me steal every last piece in Ashley Olsen's closet. 

1. Classic Novels Boxed Set, Barnes & Noble $63  2. Nutella, $4.96  3. Sam Edelman 'Gigi' Sandal, Nordstrom $59.95  4. DiorShow Extase Mascara, Sephora $28  5. Coco Mademosielle Eau de Parfum, Chanel $61.50  6. Gold Ring, Areaware $230  7. Stationary, Etsy $8  8. Wayfarer Sunglasses, Ray-Ban $145  9. Neriage Mug, Far 4 $165


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