Monday, August 30, 2010

When Fringe Means Fabulous

It’s hard to hear the phrase ‘fringe curtains’ and not instantly think of hippie beads or metallic birthday décor- neither of which are good.  But believe it or not, fringe can actually be incorporated into a space without dating it or weakening it’s style…in fact, it can really enhance the level of chic in a room!  Because it’s a little bit of an out there concept, it’s best to stick with a reasonable color palate when making your selections.  Dial down the crazy by allowing the fringe to blend into the space rather than contrast heavily.  Use the idea of fringe curtains add emphasis to an area, to loosely partition off a space, or even in lieu of window shades.  Not sure how to pull the look off?  Check out a few rooms that got it right. 


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