Monday, August 16, 2010

House Hunters

There is one reason and one reason only that I’m excited for the Autumn months to arrive…it doesn’t have to do with pretty leaves, bonfires, pumpkin flavored Starbucks beverages or even football (even though I love all those things).  I can’t wait because come this Fall my little brother is moving to Nashville!  For the first time since I was in high school we get to live in the same city and I literally couldn’t be more pumped.  In my unbiased opinion, he’s gotta be the most fantastic guy in the world (next to my Dad, of course).  In preparation for his move, he’s spent the past few days visiting our soon to be mutual stomping grounds.  Our agenda for today and tomorrow reads a little something like this: ‘Find a place for Joey to live.  The end.’  Here are the steps I’ve learned through this process:

1) Start with an idea of exactly what you’re looking for.  Think about ideal location, price range, and living expectations, as well as factors like closet size, parking, etc.

2) Determine whether what you have in mind actually exists and where you’re willing to compromise if it doesn’t.  For example, if you’re searching for a four bedroom downtown loft on a $100 a month budget, you may have to eventually make some adjustments to your plan.  When you can’t have it all, focus on what you want most. 

3) Pursue a few efficient search methods.  There are so many ways to find what you’re looking for, so whether you decide to scour the internet, sort through local papers, or simply driving around a prime area and take note of for sale and/or rent signs, there’s are almost always more search options.  

Since we’re renting and not buying, we can afford to make a few amendments to our original plan without getting too discouraged.  The longer the commitment you’re signing up for, the harder it is to be flexible in your search and the more important it is to do your homework.  In fact, if you’re looking to buy or sell, hiring a professional realtor is at least worth considering.  Put in your time searching and you’ll be able to accept the right deal with confidence.  Wish us luck tomorrow…I think we’re getting close!


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