Wednesday, August 4, 2010

All White Done Right

My Mom has a gift for color…a gift she’s always used to bring life to every (and I do mean every) space in her home.  Our house has always been vibrant and exciting, so it was shocking to her when, at age 13, I asked for my room to be painted white.  At  the time I just felt it would bring some peace to my space that didn’t exist anywhere else in the house.  At this point, I’ve joined my mother on team color…I suppose the last few years of renting apartments that didn’t allow paint woke me up to what she knew all along- white walls can get veeeery boring.  That being said, any idea taken to an extreme yields results that are, if nothing else, interesting.  All white done right can be really gorgeous.  From what I’ve observed, the difference between a lifeless all white space and a chic one is the presence of an interesting focal point, whether it’s a gorgeous light fixture, beautifully crafted chair, or another piece that is just plain interesting to look at.  In fact, a totally monochromatic color palate allows you a little more creativity in the shapes, styles and textures you can incorporate in a room.  If you want it to be classic, make it really classic (think tufting, crown molding, etc)…if you want to be daring, be really daring (bold furniture choices, interesting area rugs, you name it).  The space can handle it…in fact, if you’re going with all white, it’s what it needs to be exciting.  Check out these fresh, clean and inviting all white masterpieces- they really got the look right!


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