Thursday, August 26, 2010

Smile Like You Mean It

I know the secret to happiness.  You didn’t see that one coming via design blog, huh?  But it’s true…I found it.  Now brace yourselves, because here it is: your level of happiness has less to do with what’s happening around and to you than it has to do with what’s happening inside you.  The truth is, happiness is born in your thought life…it’s why so many rich and famous people are miserable while plenty of underprivileged folks in desperate situations are pressing on with enthusiasm.  I’m not talking about mindless affirmations or disingenuous cheer…I’m talking about real, ear to ear grin inducing joy…born from a heart that chooses it.  Now, there’s no additional charge for my two cents on life…but believe it or not, the concept of choosing to be happy and thankful has it’s place in home decor.  Sometimes we need a few “reminders” to chin up incorporated into the design of our space…whether it’s in the form of pictures, art, or even a specific color.  Of course everything varies from person to person, but I tend to accomplish this through displaying pictures of those close to me, as well as various decorative items that help me feel connected to my loved ones (cigar boxes from my Dad, a matchbook from my Grandfather’s favorite restaurant, etc.).  Every time I walk in my house I can’t help but think of the special people in my’s like a recipe for cheer.  If you require something a little more literal, than check out the Etsy shop of Vol25, an adorable artist whose work is filled with uplifting quotes, doodles and other smile-inducing goodies.  Visit her shop by clicking here to see her complete collection of prints, but first check out my favorites below.


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