Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Creative Ceilings

Look up.  Seriously...this isn’t one of those ‘how gullible are you’ tricks, look up!  What do you see?  If I was a betting gal, I’d put my money on ‘plain white ceiling’.  As long is it’s well painted that isn’t necessarily a terrible thing, but imagine with me for a moment how fascinating it would be if it was something- anything- else.  Ceilings are always missing out on the fun, which is nuts because they’re chocked full potential and consistently the largest blank surface area in a given room.  From a simple solid color that compliments your walls to bold wallpaper, pressed metal, beams, murals, faux finishing, wood, stone, or any variation of the above- a decorative addition to your ceiling can be as grand or understated as you like.  For some fun examples of to-die-for ceiling designs, keep scrolling.


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