Monday, August 9, 2010

Cut a Rug

Here’s a fun little hypothetical situation for you to ponder…you’ve got a room that needs a pick-me-up but you can only add one item to it….what do you choose?  While there’s no “correct” answer, there are a few that are better than others…not the least of which is a good, ‘ol fashioned area rug.  In fact, rugs can accomplish a variety of objectives in a space from incorporating certain colors, textures and designs to masking problem areas.  If you’ve found yourself in a not-so-hypothetical situation where you’re looking to add some spice with an area rug, check out Horchow as soon as you possibly can.  Do it today and you’ll catch them in the midst of their semi-annual 20% off sale- just don’t forget to use the code RUGEVENT when you check out.  Their well made, gorgeous selection of rugs can “make” any room- here are a few of my favorite’s on sale right now!


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