Friday, January 21, 2011

Them Bones, Them Bones

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the TV show Bones or not, but I’m…a little obsessed.  I realize it’s kinda cheesy with largely improbable plotlines, but I can’t get enough of Dr. Brennan, Agent Booth and the whole Jeffersonian crew.  I guess it’s my guilty pleasure.  I had a bit of a Bones marathon going on in the background while I worked last night and it must’ve got in my head cause it resulted in the post below.  If you’ve never seen the show then you may not totally understand how the following items correlate.  Sorry about that, but I hope you see something that piques your interest regardless.  This one goes out to Brennan and Booth! :)

1. Bang felt appliqué pillow, Alexandra Ferguson $99  2. Anatomy Print, Z Gallerie $69.95  3. Microscope Vintage Dictionary Coasters, Luna Clay Design $15.00 (set of 4)  4. Test Tube Bud Vase, Mod Cloth $23.99  5. Laboratory Beaker Mug, Think Geek $9.99  6. Bone Appétit dinner plates, Foldepigs $65.00  7. Caffeine Molecule Mug, Think Geek $6.99


Courtney said...

Awesome....coming from a fellow lover of Bones! My fave is the laboratory beaker mug. I think we need these!

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