Friday, January 28, 2011

Do You Rue?

Early last December I attended a conference that ended up being a total game changer for me.  The things I learned and the people I met at Lavish helped me revitalize and refine Design-Muse into something I’m very proud to curate.  The whole experience was overwhelmingly positive, but there were certainly a few shining moments that stood out from the others.  Meeting Grace Bonney of Design Sponge (my very favorite design blog) ranked pretty high, getting to connect with a close knit community of other design bloggers I didn’t even know existed was a definite plus, and the many laughs provided by the Lavish Fairy Godmother, Shameeka Ayers made the weekend extra enjoyable.  One of my all time favorite parts of the conference, however, was the opportunity to meet and learn from the lovely ladies of Rue Magazine.  Talk about a group of hard working women!  I’ll tell you what, these four girls are the real deal.  Though each has built a design career in her own right, their claim to fame as a group is the bi-monthly online magazine they founded and produce.  The third issue of Rue was released yesterday and I’ve already poured over it about a thousand times- it is just so, so excellent.  So you have an idea of the kind of quality we’re talking about- here’s a sampling of a few of my favorite images from the most recent issue of Rue.  To check out the other 261 (free!) pages, click here.

 Photo Credit: Emily Anderson
 Photo Credit: Trent Bailey
 Photo Credit: Jamie Beck
 Photo Credit: Jamie Beck


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Love the gold patterned chair and especially that cute little owl! :)

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