Friday, January 21, 2011

Que Bella

Well…there was absolutely no competition for this week’s Que Bella.  In fact, in terms of how excited I am, it will be a hard one for all future Que Bellas to compete with.  As of this week I am the proud owner of the most iconic, heart-stoppingly-gorgeous shoes I’ve ever seen.  Yes…I was given my very first pair of Manolos…and quite special Manolos at that.  You may have seen them first here.

Now check them out here!  On my kitchen floor!  In my house!  Seriously, someone get me an inhaler!

I think I’m still pretty much in shock about the whole thing, really.  The thought of snow getting near them makes me want to faint so until the weather calms down a bit I won’t be taking them outside.  They have, however, accessorized my pajamas beautifully for the past few days in a row.  I’m on the hunt for the perfect outfit to don for their inaugural trip outdoors…I’ll let you guys know what I come up with.  Have a great weekend, everyone!


Courtney said...

So glad we wear the same size and share a house...hahaha :)

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