Friday, January 14, 2011

Going Postal

I have a long list of favorite things…and I don’t mean that as an expression.  I mean that- somewhere along the line- I developed an actual hard copy list of things I love and that list is long.  Is that a weird thing to have?  Perhaps.  But I enjoy adding to it and watching it change over time, almost like a diary.  A constant on my list of favorites has always been letters in the mail.  As much as I love e-mail and texting and all that nonsense, there’s just no beating snail mail in terms of a personal form of communication.  I’m actually on my way out the door to the post office as we speak (or as I type, whatev...), but I thought I’d leave you with a few postage inspired items before I go.  Hope your weekend is fabulous and restful- see you bright and early Monday morning!

1. 1964-1965 New York World's Fair Postage Stamp Enlarged on Canvas, Past Postage $40  2. Le Coq Gaulois French postage stamp pendant necklace, Ruby Ann Designs $20  3. French Postage Stamp Burlap Pillow Slip, Jolie Marche $40  4. Postage Rug, Anthropologie  5. Postage Sofa, Neiman Marcus $3,998.90


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