Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Pre-Valentine's Day Treat

Today’s agenda is chocked full of party planning, which makes me happier than I could ever adequately communicate.  Whether I’m orchestrating, attending, or just dreaming them up, I Love (yup, capitol L) parties.

I’ll be featuring the party I’m working on right now in my very first Table for Twelve post (for those of you with no earthly idea what Table for Twelve is, check out our Editorial Calendar for details).  So be prepared, there are some legit Valentine’s Day party ideas coming your way soon.

As I’ve recently discovered, it’s quite difficult to find anything Valentine-sy that’s not also totally kitschy.  In the process of harvesting ideas, I landed at one of the most creative places on the internet and one of my all-time favorite websites, Etsy.  I came across these precious hand painted gift tags that don’t quite fit in with the vibe of the party, but were way too cute to keep to myself.  Are they adorable or what?! 


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