Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Golden Years

I’m fascinated by images of out-dated cameras for two main reasons.  The obvious is the fact that they’re pretty much unquestionably cool.  Throw a couple well selected prints into frames and brace yourself for the rush of compliments…reason enough to merit some interest, I think.  Aside from that, I also find the whole idea of them to be fairly ironic.  Think about it with me- these cameras were forced into retirement by new technology…fast forward a few years and the very features that make them poorly suited for their original purpose (most notably their bulky, complicated design) now make them a perfect candidate to be photographed.  They may no longer be the artist, but they’ve found a new gig as a muse…it’s a bit of a Cinderella story, don’t you think?  Either way, I’m loving the look of these vintage camera prints and imprinted paraphernalia.  Looks like they’re enjoying their retirement to me!

1. 4x6 Fine Art Print, MarianneLoMonaco $5. Other sizes available. 2. Golden Avocado Green Toddler Shirt, Wren Willow $24 3. Vintage Canon Baby Onesie, Designed Threads $15 4. Cloth Napkins, Oh, Little Rabbit $20 for four 5. 8x8 Fine Art Photograph, Ashley LeTourneau $18  6. 4x6 Fine Art Print, MarianneLoMonaco $5. Other sizes available.


Incognito said...

I really enjoy reading this article, I am actually a lover of vintage cameras. One year ago, I wanted to learn how to photograph and remembered my father had an old Agfa flexilette from 1963 at home, so heading back from Italy to see my family, I told my father I wanted to use this camera. He was so surprised and tried to tell me it was so hard using it, it has been one year and I am not tired with vintage cameras right now I have a rolleiflex from 1949! And both perfectly work! So for me they are still the artists! ;)

Shug'A'Very from Incognito

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