Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Get It Together: The Art of the Bachelor Pad

Stylish, put together, masculine rooms are hard to come by (not unlike their human counterparts). I’ve come up with a number of explanations as to why this could be the case.  
1) Men don’t care about how their house looks
2) They don’t want their friends to know they care and mercilessly tease them 
3) They’re clueless and/or helpless
If you know a man…any man…then I’m sure you’ll agree that any combination of any of the above could be the culprit. Regardless of why men don’t put a lot of effort into decorating their homes on their own, the fact that they don’t has affected what home décor retailers produce. When it comes to furniture, home accessories and the like, the market is directed towards women because they’re the ones buying. The majority of us may not be bothered by this because- lets face it- most of us are women and love having a quadrillion options. Unfortunately, it doesn't allow much room for the bachelor pad to positively evolve. So, in the name of progress, this one goes out to the fellows.
P.S- Soak up all the neutrals you can right now, cause next week we’ve got some serious color coming at you.

1. Organic Rococo Mirror, Anthropologie $398  2. Rising Atoll Curtain, Anthropologie $$138.00-$198.00  3. Ring Of Light Lamp, Anthropologie $328  4. THERON ARMCHAIR, Jayson Home & Garden $450.00  5. Thomas Paul Seafarer Sail Jute Pillow, Layla Grace $80  6. Thomas Paul Seafarer Anchor Jute Pillow, Layla Grace $70  7. HAWTHORNE WINGCHAIR, Jayson Home & Garden $2,695.00


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