Monday, June 18, 2012

All Set: Father's Day

We have lots to catch up on.  Lots and lots.  But before I get to the Amazing Race themed road trip I planned or our time in Miami or Disney World (it was as fun as it sounds), I need to backtrack for just a second.  Yesterday was Father's Day and since I was gone all last week I didn't really get a chance to address it properly.  It's no secret that I adore my Dad.  I mean, I'm the Daddy's Girl of all Daddy's Girls...Queen of the Daddy's girls, if you will.  So I couldn't pass up the chance to do a Father's Day themed All Set (you didn't think I already forgot about our new monthly series, did you?).  I don't know if you've researched it lately, but there isn't exactly an abundance of inspiration out there for masculine place settings.  I suppose I see why in theory, but if something's worth celebrating it's worth celebrating right and I can't think of a single thing more impressive (especially in this day and age) than a great father.  I hope you put a pin in some of these ideas (figuratively speaking...or literally I suppose, hello Pinterest) for your belated Father's Day celebration, your Dad's birthday, or just a random night you set aside to appreciate any strong male figure in your life.  My favorite touches were the cigar boxes, the match books and the tie-like fabrics we used for the tablecloth and napkins.  Did you get to do anything special for your Dad yesterday?  Do tell!


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