Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Get It Together: Modern Munchies

We may not have Diners in Nashville (the 24 hour breakfast!  the menu that looks like an encyclopedia! oh I miss it already...), but these Diner plates get me one step closer.  The commotion of their design set against the clean, plain table is a yes and a yes for me.  Add the coolest chair ever (is it vintage?  is it a high chair all grown up?  who knows?!) and I'm ready to chow down.

1., 2., 3., 5. Diner Plates, Redefine Home Store $40  4. Tap Water Bottle, ReForm School $14  6. Lolo Flatware, A+R Store $80  7. Saarinen Low Side Table, The Century House $558  8. Herman Miller Eames Plastic Armchair, The Century House $349  9. Wood Puzzle, General Store $49


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