Monday, November 15, 2010

Thanksgiving Prep

At first look, Thanksgiving seems to have it all.  What could be better than food and family?  Well…I’ll tell you right now- food, family and presents (both giving and getting, of course).  I love Turkey Day- honestly I do- I just don’t love it quite as much as Christmas.  Because of this, I’m pretty consistently guilty of turning pre-Thanksgiving energy into yuletide cheer.  Part of me knows it’s wrong to cheat Thanksgiving out of it’s spotlight, but it’s hard to stop the Christmas momentum once it gets going.  As of today, we’re 10 days away from Thanksgiving and 40 days from Christmas- it’s not too early to start planning for either holiday (in fact, it’s almost too late) so I’m planning for both.  Concurrently.  I’m dedicating this week to showering Thanksgiving with some well-deserved attention, but I’m also making an effort to find pieces that will transition well to Christmas.  Sometimes you have to let Thanksgiving take center stage and I’m A-OK with that, but whenever possible I’m trying to highlight pieces that will work for both.  Not only will this allow me to indulge in the Christmas planning I’m so desperate to start but it will allow me to be inclusive to poor Thanksgiving in the process AND also help save some money!  Here’s a few things I’ll be taking into consideration,

1) Watch Your Color Palate: Choose base items in gold, deep red (cranberry/burgundy) and white or off-white.  For a traditional holiday look, you can add elements in orange and brown for Thanksgiving and green for Christmas.

2) Choose Neutral Yet Interesting Patterns:  Provided your color palate is on point, paisley, toile, bold stripes or even plaid could transition nicely from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  Keep your eyes peeled for cloth napkins, table cloths and other décor with patterns that will work for both holidays.

3) Use Organic Elements- Moss, and wood are as neutral as they come.  Add Rosemary to highlight Thanksgiving and a little evergreen, holly and/or pine cones when you’re ready to shift into Christmas-mode.

4)  Candles, Candles Candles: Need I say more?  Too many isn’t enough, especially around the holidays! 


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