Friday, July 1, 2011

Q and A: Bridal Shower Inspiration

I love love love reader questions.  Love them.  I especially love this particular question because 1) It's pretty darn relevant & 2) It gives me an excuse to talk about parties.  And I love parties almost as much as I love reader questions.  So here we go!

I am throwing a wedding shower for a friend who's wedding I'm in this summer. The shower is in July and will have approx 15 people, but I'm kinda stumped as to what to do different from the other 5 wedding showers I've planned. I mean, you can only do so many Purse Check Lists, and eat so many chicken salad sandwiches. ANY ideas Design-Muse can offer would be great (games, decor, food, etc)!!!

As any woman can tell you, bridal showers are tricky business...I want to say they're awkward for everyone involved.  My cousin, Nikki (whose celebrating a big birthday today!  More on that later tonight), has a genius idea for what she likes to call a "drive-through" shower.  You hand her your present, she gives you a cupcake and you go on with your day.  Brilliant as it may be I think it may still be ahead of it's time, so I put together a few style boards for you, sweet reader.  Remember, it's not at all necessary to use the bride's wedding color palate- and since it's summertime, you can get away with some really fun combos!  Here are a few snapshots I came across and loved.

I think part of the reason we all secretly resent bridal showers is because we're forced to go to the same one over and over- good for you for looking to break the mold!  Here's a few fun alternatives to the deviled egg/toilet paper dress rut the whole world appears to be stuck in.

1. Candy, candy and more candy.  Yes, everyone I know is on a diet too but who cares.  Someone's getting married and celebration trumps diet every time.  Pass around candy necklaces and ring pops, have guests come up with a story about the wedding/bride using as many candy bar names as possible, and best of all- let everyone make their own favor at the candy "bar" (let me just tell you, I put together a candy bar for our very first Table for Twelve and it was a big 'ol hit).

2. A little pampering goes a long way.  Contact your local salon & spa and see if they offer any party packages- many will send a certified masseuse right to your door to do neck and hand massages for your guests (now that's a party you won't hear people complaining about).  Buy a small variety of epsom salts and other fun ingredients like lavender, rose petals, and lemon verbena and let your guests mix their own bath tea- it'll double as a favor and an activity.  

3. Mix it up and do a straight up breakfast theme.  I'm talking omelette station, doughnut towers, french toast bites and no shortage of bacon.  You can go a couple different ways...fancy a la Breakfast at Tiffany's or- if it's a really close group of friends- even uber casual with more of a sleep over party vibe.  Either way, who doesn't love breakfast?!

4. Go glam and gorgeous- have everyone dress to the nines and keep it classy from start to finish.  Stay away from paper or plastic anything- we're talking real napkins, real glass...the fancier the better.  Organize a wine tasting, call your veggie plate "crudités" and your selection of small bites "amuse-bouche".  Live it up for the night!  And for the favor to top all favors, set up an "aroma bar" where your guests can customize their own perfume.    

Anyone else have a question?  I sure would love to answer it!  Shoot me an e-mail here.  Hope this helped! :)


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