Friday, July 22, 2011

Working for the Weekend

I'm making a few adjustments in our Editorial Calendar today, starting with the re-working of our Que Bella column.  First off, I want to say I love sharing little bits of my life with you all.  I always want to keep the fact that I'm a real person, not some photo-shopping bot, at the center of Design-Muse.  That being said, I've decided to take Que Bella out of our weekly rotation and have, instead, put it onto our monthly calendar.  This will allow me to focus on the highlights worth talking about rather than having to manipulate a non-event into something that sounds exciting :).  When I first came up with the idea for a Que Bella column (a post on the most beautiful thing I saw all week), what I envisioned was less autobiographical than what the column morphed into.  Looking back, however, I'm really glad it took the turn that it did- I think it filled a gap I didn't even know existed.  Moving forward, I'm excited to share pictures and stories from my life in the once monthly updates to come...and I reeeally think you're gonna like the newest edition to our weekly calendar: Working for the Weekend.

So- million dollar question- what the heck is this new column about?  Well, I'm glad you asked.  I was thinking about it and realized that I spend all week putting together (what I hope are) interesting posts for your enjoyment.  You're kind enough to find time during your busy week to read them.  Then, come the weekend when you're actually a little bored and looking for something interesting to peruse, I abandon you.  I'm not gonna lie, I feel kind of bad about it (although not bad enough to give you my whole weekend...gotta draw the line somewhere, ha).  Working for the Weekend is the solution to absolve my guilt.  Every Friday from now on you'll find ten links that, however random, are sure to make you smile 'til we meet again on Monday.  Some will highlight design, some will feature music, and a few are sure to be downright ridiculous.  All will be fun.  Hope you enjoy!

Obsessed with this song...can't wait 'til her record is released!

I want this for my home office.

What happens when you order every mix-in at Cold Stone Creamery? 

Can't get enough Ombre as of late. 

Are these cupcakes adorable or what?!

"Try this hair tutorial" just made my weekend to-do list.

I'm starting my mornings like this from now on...

If this doesn't make you want to look fabulous this weekend...well...I give up.

Calligraphy makes me happy.

This is amazing.  *note to friends & family- Jessie has already shotgunned this for her wedding.  If you try & steal it she may come after you.  & she's freakishly strong...sooo...consider yourself warned* :)


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