Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Before & After: My NJ Chambers

When I graduated from college my parents bought me a present they knew was right up my alley- a brand new room.  New furniture, new bed, new light fixtures, new decor- and to top it off, they handed me the reins and gave me full decorative control.  It was awesome.  I was about halfway through assembling my dream room when I accepted a job in Miami, Florida and the project came to a screeching halt.  And there it's remained- stuck in limbo for four years.  Tragic, right?  Well something finally snapped in both my mother and I this last week and, despite the fact that we had more on our to-do list than quite possibly ever before, we managed to give my old room a tiny bit of much needed attention.  With a little help from the Lillian's Paintbrush crew, we had the space painted and reworked in less time than it takes to watch a Harry Potter movie.

Due to the time crunch, we got all our key pieces from Pier 1 and Target (AKA 'ol faithful).  I love the color of the pillows we chose, but my favorite touch is the mini-gallery of photos from our Breakfast at Tiffany's Table for compliments my oversized Audrey picture brilliantly.  I think- all things considered- it came together quite nicely!  You like?


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