Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Get It Together: Attic Treasures

I think it's pretty clear that the operative word in today's Get It Together is vintage.  These pieces all share a look that says "check me out- I've got a story".  Some stories are more interesting than others, no doubt, but they're stories none the less.  And I like that.  

1. Sailboat Painting, Jayson Home & Garden $295  2. Antique Silver Cameras, Z Gallerie $9.95  3. Turkish Striped Pillow, Etsy $79.95  4. Vintage Ship Print, Etsy $8  5. Jamie Young Steam Punk Lamp, Layla Grayce $184  6. Log Vase, West Elm $29  7. Vintage Utensils, Jayson Home & Garden $24  8. Vintage Wood Table, Jayson Home & Garden $795  9. Vintage Ship Print, Etsy $8  10. Vintage Books, Jayson Home & Garden $40


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