Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fair-ly Fantastic

There's only one day a year where you'll find me welcoming nausea with open arms and that day is quickly approaching.  Soon and very soon (August 12th to be exact) I'm making my way over to the Wilson County Fair for an evening of spiraled potatoes, corn on the cob, deep fried Oreos (don't you dare judge me), games, rides, carnies and more.  Considering it's still a few weeks away I'm almost embarrassingly excited.  I've been filing carnival inspired pieces since the beginning of Summer and just can't wait any longer to share them!  I especially love the Carl Christensen photos (1. & 7.)...in fact, his whole Polaroid and Viewfinder series is downright amazing.  Almost as amazing as the Wilson County Fair.  Almost...  

1. Fly High Photo, Bucks County Photography $35-$275, 2. Pennant Necklace, Etsy $72  3. Ferris Wheel Mini Notecards, Etsy $3 for 10  4. Carnival Pillow, Envelop €19.99  5. Oval Pendant, Etsy $20  6. Striped Mini Cupcake Wrappers, Etsy $8  7. Wheel in the Sky Photo, Bucks County Photography $35-$275


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