Friday, May 13, 2011

Que Bella

It seems Blogger is having a few issues today (and to clarify- I'm not being cute and referring to myself in the third person, I mean the company that hosts this website)...issues that erased the last two days of posts and prevented anyone who operates a Blogger run site from posting for the last 20.5 hours.  I'll leave it to the rest of the blogging community to go bananas and flood their inbox with hate mail...I figure they're doing the best they can...I just wanted to keep you in the loop and explain why it looks like I haven't posted in a few days.  While I wait and see if our last couple posts are recovered or if I have to re-write them, I want to show you something awesome.  At least I think it's awesome.  Look!

Anyone have a guess as to what this is?  Okay, you wore me down- I'll tell you!  One of these (exhibit B) is a picture I posted as part of March's Breakfast at Tiffany's-themed Table for Twelve...the other (exhibit A) is a picture sent in by a Design-Muse reader who used our party as an inspiration for her own shindig!  This literally makes me so happy I want to scream.  One of my main objectives in creating Table for Twelve (and Design-Muse in general, for that matter) is to be an inspiration and a resource.  I'm just so thrilled that- in this case- that's exactly what we were.  That being said, if you see an idea on Design-Muse and want help implementing it, please let me know!  We offer a range of full design services and would love the opportunity to help you out.  If you've used one of our ideas successfully and have pictures or stories you want to share, please oh please send them to me!  I'd love to show off your good work!  Now pardon me while I happy-dance the night away.  Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!


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