Sunday, May 8, 2011

For My Mother:

I have a really difficult time writing about my family- not because there's any shortage of wonderful things to say- but because every time I try, I find my words to be very insufficient.  Plus I get all weepy.  Even so, I couldn't imagine letting Mother's Day go by without saying something to/about my Mom.  I think everyone on earth owes their Mom a certain degree of gratitude for bringing them into the world, but my Mom gave me more than just life.  Through example and encouragement and all the resources at her disposal, she's worked hard to help me create a life I love.  In my unbiased opinion, I think our relationship is one for the history books.  We believe ridiculous things about each other...I, for example, believe she's the most naturally gifted person on earth (there's seriously nothing the woman can't do & do well) while she believes the reason I'm not currently engaged to [insert name of actor, professional athlete, or prince of any variety] is solely due to proximity issues ("Is Gerard Butler married? ...No?  He'd want to take you on a date for should write him a letter").  We've spent many hours laughing about how different we are, but more still discovering our similarities.  I feel so privileged that she's not just rooting for me or invested in me, she's a part of me.  Which is great news, cause she's brave, strong, generous, charming, confident, dependable and a million other beautiful things.  She's the kind of lady that could change the world.  And maybe she will.  Maybe we will together.


diana said...

happy mother's day to my mother number two!!! love you guys!

Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful Gabriella - what a wonderful relationship you guys have & a great testimony & an encouragement to other mothers & daughters. You are both truly beautiful women!

Evelyn said...

Gabby, your words are so very true, I feel very blessed to call this wonderful woman my sister and you my niece!!! God bless you both. - Evelyn

Kelly Jackson Mayberry said...

what a great picture...i do have to agree with you she is the most naturally gifted person on earth not to mention beautiful inside & out but i think the apple didnt fall far from the tree :)
love you both xo

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