Monday, May 16, 2011

Can't Judge a Book by it's Cover

Calling all fashion-loving bookworms: 1) We're kindred spirits.  Let's be friends.  2) Let me just tell you...I recently came across a line of purses by a chickadee named Olympia Le-Tan and you're gonna love them.  Her 21 piece collection is more than just stylish, it's smart.  Literally.  Le-Tan's line of clutch purses is hand embroidered to look like first edition book covers!  Beautiful and brilliant, don't you think?  The only problem is they're nearly as rare and expensive as their literary counterparts.  Only 16 of each title were made and each has a whopping price tag of about $1,500.  So join me in admiring them from afar or- even better- treat yourself to one!  For our first act as friends, you can let me borrow it. :) 

Photo Via Olimpia Le Tan & Stylehop


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