Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Watercolor World

Watercolor paintings are the definition of ethereal- they're poetic and airy and all together lovely.  They look almost...effortless (although I can attest to the fact that they're not- anytime I've ever attempted a watercolor painting, it's ended up looking more like a tie dye t-shirt than anything else).  I've had a watercolor post in the back of my head for weeks, but after a quick visit to Target over the weekend, I knew the time was now.  They've got a whole mess of watercolor goodness at the moment, including but not limited to the super pretty pillow below.  Like you needed another excuse to go to Target, right?

1. Pink Wallpaper  2. Odessa Imagery Ring, Anthropologie $48  3. ECI Print Charmeuse Blouson Dress, Nordstrom $148  4. Decorative Toss Pillow, Target $19.99  5. Water Paper Paint Book, Amazon $15.63  6. Bottle Garden Cake Plate, Catherine Hammerton £10  7. Black Crow Studios


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