Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guest Post: Jessica from Learning Love's Life

Hello, I’m Jessica and I have a little blog called Learning Love’s Life. I’ve been friends with Gabby since my freshmen year of college and she’s not only hilarious but incredibly creative too (which I’m sure is not news to you). When she asked me to guest post I brainstormed for a few days on what I wanted to share and then came the light bulb: push presents

Currently being 9 months pregnant I have all kinds of crazy thoughts running around.  So what is a push present you ask? It’s a very thoughtful gift from a woman’s husband given right after she becomes a new mom. Sort of a, “I know this isn’t going to make up for the traumatic and life changing experience you just had but thanks sweetheart” token of gratitude if you will. Rachel Zoe was recently given a push present from her husband: only a 10 carat ring, nothing too amazing of course. So I came up with a few items that I think would make for charming push presents for new mamas …

Fabulous new shoes like Hunter Wellies or Glitter TOMS: swelling and lack of balance are common side effects of pregnancy and it’s hard to part with our favorite heels. Getting a new pair to battle the elements, or just still be able to have some mommy style after baby is invaluable.

Concert tickets: a date night to see Adele or Mumford & Sons would serve as an excellent adults-only evening out .

New dishes and cooking extras: now that we’re domesticated so to speak, a good place to start is having a chic kitchen. Anthropologie is always a safe bet.

 A kindle or nook: reading is one of my greatest strategies of relaxation. As I’m holding an infant it may become challenging to also hold my latest warm-weather read. Having this small device can be handy during long feedings, cry-athons, or rocking baby to bed in the wee hours of the morning.  A delightful cover doesn't hurt either.

Dramatic accessories: if none of my favorite clothes fit yet, I can still feel like a presentable lady in new diamonds or pearls.

Rayban Wayfarers: new mom= no sleep. To battle the dark undereye circles, a classic pair of sunglasses when I’m running errands with baby will make all the difference in how I face the world.

Rosetta Stone: while many mothers love staying at home with baby, after a few days of cooing over the little joy it's common to begin to crave some adult interaction. Having this little nugget will serve to still make mama feel like a productive adult while also multi-tasking and working to develop baby’s communication skills. Experts say the best time to learn a new language is between birth and age 7!

Last but not least, a giftcard to her favorite store!  Being a new parent means learning that the world no longer revolves around you and your desires.  By gifting this simple piece of plastic, a mom can remember that it's okay for it to be about her every so often... within reason of course.

I hope you enjoyed some of my suggestions, even if you're not expecting they are reasonable gifts to ask for any upcoming birthday, anniversary, holiday, or the run-of-the-mill Tuesday.  
Thanks Gabby for letting me share!


No, thank YOU Jessica! :)  How much did you guys love that?  A lot, right?  I figured you would.  Luckily for all of us, there's more where that came from over at Jessica's blog, Learning Love's Life.  There's tons of good stuff over there, but I'll tell you right now what you've got to see, and that's her maternity shoot.  I'm pretty confident no one should look that pretty at 9 months pregnant, but what do I know.  To make sure you don't miss out on any of Jessica's adventures (I think we can all agree she's got some preeeetty exciting things on deck), follow her on twitter at @jessicamtyler.  Thanks again, Jessica!


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