Monday, April 26, 2010

Spot 'O Tea

I spent this past weekend sick in bed as a result of my arch nemesis, pollen, and the devastating effect it’s had on my sinuses.  Fortunately, I have the greatest family in the world and they took great care of me.  My cousin, Jessica, is a world class nurse and provided me with a seemingly endless supply of Sudafed, Cepacol, Zicam and any other over the counter medication she had.  Jess is my best friend, but even she will tell you I’m not the easiest patient in the world…mostly because I’m not interested in any of the things that will actually help me get better.  When I don’t feel good, all I want is tea.  I almost wish I could blame this defect on deep holistic beliefs, but unfortunately all I can tell you is tea tastes good, it’s warm, and it sure feels like it’s healing something to me.  We’ve found a great middle ground where I at least make an effort to take the medicine she gives me, and she allows me to pretend that- when I finally do feel better- it’s actually due to all the tea I’ve been drinking.  This weekend was no exception.  I’m feeling a little better today but still haven’t been able to get tea off my brain.  Here are a few teapots pretty enough to make any day better and some of the teas we love to fill them with.

     I had an absolute love at first sight moment with this Noble Poppy Bone China Tea Set.  Sunshine yellow is a very difficult color to accomplish in bone china, so I was surprised to discover this set is just under $100 for all nine pieces (one teapot, four cups and saucers).  If you’re all too familiar with the sinus nightmare that was my weekend, fill up this tea pot with Teavana’s Roobios tea.  Studies have shown it may reduce or relieve allergies and colds.  I’m not sure whether or not it’s actually effective in any way, but I can tell you one thing- it’s delicious.  I’m a fan of their Apple Lemon Pomegranate Roobios Tea in particular.

This Sontu Teapot from Teaforte comes from their line of artisan, hand blown glassware.  The lid has a hole for Teaforte’s signature leaf and stem tea bag, but this particular teapot also works incredibly with their Sontu Infuser.  For a limited time you can receive a free loose tea canister of your choice if you purchase the Sontu Teapot and use the discount code ‘FREELOOSE’ at checkout.  I’d recommend either their Formosa Oolong (it’s one of the rarest of all teas and a delicate balance between green and black) or a dessert tea like their Orchid Vanilla (sweet and delicious with zero calories and no added sugar, can’t beat that). 

There’s something about this Black Iron Hobnail Teapot from Sur La Table that leads me to believe it could have been around for centuries...I just love that.  It also seems perfectly suited for some delicious Jasmine Green tea, and I’ll be honest...I love that too.  

If you’ve got the blues (or worse- Holly Golightly’s mean reds!) you may need a fancier tea set to pull you through...which is why we searched for a relatively affordable silver ensemble.  Personally, I feel better just looking at it.  We found this four piece silver plated set by Reed & Barton for just $224.97, a fraction of what a solid silver collection will cost you.  We’d have to drink something classy from this set, like my Mom’s favorite- Black Currant Tea.

Inspired by Britain’s love of tea, Christine Misiak created a line of“Old/New Tea Sets” unlike any others we came across.  Her goal is to portray and preserve aspects of the past while blending them with contemporary styling to create a vibrant contrast.  Mission accomplished.  Each Tea set includes a tea pot, sugar bowl, milk jug, spoon and set of doilies and costs £50 (since she’s based over the pond).  These unique pieces may just be worth the terrible exchange rate...and I’d say the most appropriate way to christen them would be with some English Breakfast Tea.  

This hand painted porcelain Peacock Tea Set by Kathy Ireland for Franz Collections is an absolute piece of art.  Have you ever seen anything like it?  Each piece must be purchased individually and ranges from $35 to $100.  We’d have to fill it with something equally exotic, like Republic of Tea’s bold Hibiscus Tea.


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