Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Decorating 101

The Easter season is one of my very favorite times of year for so many reasons.   There’s so much to celebrate as the earth thaws, flowers begin to bloom, families come together and we remember the death and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Whether you’re planning a big brunch (my favorite), dinner, or a candy-eating extravaganza, we hope you’re able to spend Easter with the ones you love.  If your family is anything like ours, then you know get-togethers are about eating, eating, eating…then resting up until you have the energy to eat some more.  The gravitational pull of the dinner table in our family is off the charts, so it’s always nice when someone takes the time to make it look really special. Here are a few festive ideas to make your gathering as beautiful as it is enjoyable.

Add a Beautiful Centerpiece

Whether your Easter guests are loved ones you haven’t seen since Christmas or the same folks you had around the table last night, taking the time to put together a centerpiece says “this dinner is special”.  We love these Tulip Baskets Martha Stewart designed!  For simple instructions on how you can construct them for your beautiful table, 
click here.

These cute little birds nest centerpieces caught our eye as well...they’re simple to make and really quite lovely.  For tips on how to recreate this look with just one trip to Michaels Craft Store, go here.

Bring out the China

The best way to really dress up your table is by breaking out your nicest dishes.  We know, it’s a little nerve-wracking, but beautiful place settings are such a nice addition to the table.  If you’re not comfortable using fine china or don’t have any dishes you particularly care for, than you may want to consider purchasing some inexpensive ones.  

I promise to stop talking about Target’s Liberty of London line after this, but I just couldn’t help but recommend their adorable prints one more time!  They’re so reasonably priced and perfect for an Easter celebration.  Check your local Target to see what’s in stock, or browse their online selections 

If you have guests with either lots of young children or an astounding inability to keep your dishes intact BUT still want your table to look nice, than try these 
heavyweight plastic plates from Party City.  They look surprisingly like china and you can buy 12 for about $6. 

Add Some Place Cards

Place cards are another way to add some fun to your table.  We love these creative and super cute nests, 
click here for instructions to make them.

Another classy place card is easily achieved by picking up some small picture frames designed for wedding receptions and filling them with your guests names.  We found these at
Bed, Bath & Beyond for $1.50 a piece.  For a more meaningful experience, feel free to borrow one of our family’s traditions.  Instead of writing names, divide up the story of Christ’s resurrection found in Mark 16 into as many parts as you have guests.  Fill each frame with a verse or two and set them in order around the table, one at each setting.  Before your meal have your guests take turns read their verses out loud, it’s a really special way to remember the real reason we celebrate Easter- He is risen! 


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