Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fishing for Compliments

Close your eyes and imagine the person whose opinion you value most coming into your dream house for the first time.  In a perfect world, what would they say?  We’re all in the market for different kinds of compliments because we’re all working towards a different vision for our home- what you’d want to hear is directly proportional to your own personal style.  Here are a few pretty basic compliments we think you might appreciate and some ways to achieve them in the space you have right now.  

“Your home is so ________________”

(see also: expensive, striking, posh)

If you want your home to radiate luxury, then consider adding opulent textures like silk, velvet or even leather to your space.  Choose Furniture with details like tufts or high backs, and be extra choosy in your fabric selection.  

Large decorative mirrors (like this Omni Leaner Mirror from Z Gallerie) will make even a small space feel more open, especially if you place one opposite a window and use it to reflect the light.  If you’re really interested in making a strong statement you can add a crown molding that coordinates with the rest of the room, or consider having a consultation with a faux finisher to really enhance your walls.  If you’re working on a budget, than check out our previous post Buy This, Not That for some tips on how to choose inexpensive items that look high-end.  If you’re looking for one item that screams luxurious louder than the rest, then you need a perfectly selected chandelier.  This Brentwood Collection Chrome Six Light Chandelier is a particularly ornate option, and about $700. 

(see also: uncluttered, organized, sparkling)

A clean house could very well be the most universal (and for many, seemingly unreachable) aspiration of all.  While most people are able to maintain a generally tidy space, it’s hard to fight the feeling that things aren’t really as orderly as they should be.  Your house may be dust, dirt and grime-free, but if it doesn’t look crisp and put together than there’s still work to be done.  The obvious culprit in an unorganized home is clutter, most notably homeless clutter.  The best way to achieve a spectacularly clean room is to give everything a home base whether it’s in the trash, in storage, in a bin for Goodwill or in a drawer.  If it’s not decorative, it doesn’t get prime parking.  If you just don’t have enough space, you may need to consider my Aunt’s one in, one out rule and avoid buying anything at all until you’re prepared to throw something else away.  It’s extreme but it works.  We loved the smooth lines and unique storage space of thiscoffee table from Bobby Berk Home.  The cute little nook gives you some extra space, but be sure you fight the temptation to store clutter there!


(see also: one of a kind, distinctive, original)

If you’re looking to pull together a look that’s entirely your own, there are a couple approaches you may want to mull over.  Over the top decorating can be really fun, but make sure you keep some of the space grounded.  Decide on a few areas you want to focus your attention doing so you’re creating focal points instead of a jumbled mess.  There are a lot of ways to accomplish this- take Nannette Lepore’s Victorian Townhouse for example.

She balanced out some really strange pieces (a floating ship chandelier, Napolean Bust, etc) with classic architecture and simpler pieces that didn’t fight for attention.  Play with scale and oversized objects, or choose a bold pattern for your furniture or accessories.  Look for affordable limited edition pieces like CB2’s One of a Finds.  For optimum originality, your best resource is Etsy.  There’s a world of no-two-are-alike handmade pieces just waiting to be discovered on Etsy- we thought these watercolor paintings on delicate vintage French book paper were really something special.  Just imagine how interestingly beautiful they’d look framed.

Even if you’re looking for something extremely specific and can’t find it, there’s an entire area on Etsy where you can commission artists to take on your project.  Name your price and describe the piece you want, then sit back and wait for the bids to pour in.  If you’re looking for something unique there’s simply no better place to go.


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