Thursday, April 8, 2010

Magazine Madness

After scouring through the most recent issues of seemingly every home design magazine known to man, I pinpointed a few highlights that begged to be shared.  Feel free to cross “read all home design magazines” off your to-do list.  I took care of it and sifted out only the best info for your viewing pleasure…you’re welcome.  Here are the top articles I came across.  
Architectural Digest: 

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share pictures of such a work of art.  The Loft wasn’t too bad, either (admit it, that’s funny).  I’m a big fan of Gerard Butler for many reasons…let’s be honest, what’s not to like?  He’s handsome, talented, charming and (icing on the cake) even has an accent.  Superficially speaking, he’s as good as they come.  And after reading the May 2010 issue of Architectural Digest I realized that, in addition to all the wonderful things I just mentioned, he also has incredible taste.  

What struck me about his Manhattan Loft was how strongly it conveyed the very same characteristics he exudes…strong, masculine, and as the magazine put it “larger than life”.  Here’s a guy who knew exactly what he was looking for in a design aesthetic.  While his relatively unlimited resources definitely played a major role in his ability to achieve the look he wanted, it was his clear vision that allowed the project to be so successful.  Butler interviewed many, many interior designers before he found one with a portfolio imaginative enough to trust with his space, which he describes as “bohemian old-world rustic chateau with a taste of baroque”.  

Despite the fact that what Butler and his designer, Elvis Restaino, achieved in this space may very well be beyond the realm of possibility for most of us, there’s more to this article than mere entertainment value.  We touched on this idea a little bit in our post ‘
Assembling Your Dream Home’, but we really can’t stress it enough.  You absolutely have to clearly define what you want your home to be before you can take any steps towards achieving a look you love.  After you have a really good feel for what your ideal space would look like, make a plan and be patient.  Even Gerard Butler’s home took four years to design and renovate…that’s practically a lifetime in instant gratification movie-star years.  Enjoy and appreciate the home you have right now, but don’t be afraid to think about ways you can transform it into something unbelievably “you”.   Whether it’s due to lack of comfort, desire for beauty or because of absolute necessity you are eventually going to have to make another purchase for your home.  Know what direction you’d like your space to go and you’ve got a much better chance at making choices you’re happy with.  

Martha Stewart Living: 

When I grow up, I think I’d like to be Martha Stewart.  Although she’s often portrayed as cold, I want to believe she’s a real class act…plus her day job is awesome.  Professional chef, gardener, home decorator and maker of crafts?  I was made for that.  Until I figure out how to candidate for heir to the Martha Stewart throne, I’ll continue to live vicariously through the empire she’s built.  Her whole magazine makes me positively giddy, but my favorite portion of her most recent publication shared some fantastic tips from experts in food, crafts, gardening and decorating.  Pick up a copy of the magazine for the full briefing, but here are a few worth noting.

Kitchen Essentials:
10 items Martha Stewart Living 
Food Editors can’t live without

Measuring Spoons and Cups by Amco 
Asian Strainer from Macys
High-Heat Rubber Spatula from Williams Sonoma
Vegetable Peeler from Kuhn Rikon
Flour-Sack Towels from Williams Sonoma
Maple Cutting Boards from John Boos Shops
Mini Kitchen Torch from Williams Sonoma
Pump-Style Salad Spinner from OXO
Benriner Mandoline from Gracious Home


Crafts editor Nicholas Andersen dubbed the Singer Confidence the best basic sewing machine on the market, calling it “not complicated but with a full set of functions”.  Sold. 
Inside Scoop:

Decorating Editor Elana Frankel shared an incredible tip on choosing light bulbs for fixtures where the bulb is exposed.  Silver-crowned bulbs“hide the interior mechanics and help diffuse the light” for a prettier look.  

Traditional Home: 

We’ve given you eye candy and practical tips, now to cover the last element of a truly great magazine reading experience: the opportunity to win free stuff.  While Traditional Home had lots of fun design ideas to offer in their April 2010 issue, we were most excited about their 2010 Outdoor Room Giveaway.  Prizes include $26,000 worth of furniture by Gloster, fixtures from Hinkley Lighting, tile from Artistic Tile, virtually invisible window screening from inLighten, and outdoor fabric from Sunbrella.  You can enter once everyday from now until May 23
rd by going here


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