Friday, May 14, 2010

Real Simple to the Rescue

Sometimes we’re given unique opportunities to have a good attitude despite bad circumstances.  For me, right now is one of those times.  Although I’ll more than likely be posting this from Miami (due to some particularly frustrating issues with public WiFi), I’m writing it from the Philadelphia airport where I’ve been sitting for the last three hours.  In case I haven’t had enough time to gather my thoughts, Southwest has given me another hour or so before my flight will actually take off.  About 45 minutes after finding out I’d be spending an indefinite amount of my night here my phone’s battery miraculously died, leaving me without a way to alert anyone of the ever changing status of my flight.  Never one to miss an opportunity to eat my feelings, I took a deep breath and ordered a Cheesesteak from the Chickie and Pete’s kiosk.  A few bites in, I realized I may be able to buy an overpriced charger from one of the shops in the terminal- it was the most eager I’ve ever been to knowingly get ripped off.  Thankfully I found one and bought it, as well as the heap of magazines that called out “You’ll be here for hours! You need me!”.  And I’m glad I listened.  I have so thoroughly enjoyed the June issue of Real Simple magazine that I may just have to credit it with turning this outrageous night into something to smile about.  If you happen to notice it beckoning you at your local Walgreens, pick up a copy for yourself!  Their Gift Guides alone make it well worth the $5 price tag…take advantage of a few of their suggestions and no one, I mean no one, will be able to top your gift.  Here are a few of my faves.  

     Summer is coming, and that means you’re going to need an efficient way to distribute lemonade and you’re gonna need it fast.  This Stainless Steel Fusti from Reform School Rules is the Italian way (read: the best way) to dispense lemonade, olive oil, wine and more.  And, as ‘Real Simple’ puts it, “it looks molto sleek on a countertop”. 

This is a coffee mug with a built-in-slot for cookies.  Need I say more?  Just when I thought this mug and I couldn’t possibly be more made for each other, I found out it comes in both left and right handed versions!  In case you’ve never noticed, we live in a world designed for tall, right handed people.  As a left hander who’s been known to respond to nicknames like “itty bitty”, I can tell you with confidence that I am neither.  I see any product willing to accommodate either of these special attributes as a necessary part of my collection (and a small victory for left-handers everywhere).  

This adjustable centerpiece allows you to tilt each of the four tubes in the direction of your choice through the use of powerful magnets.  It’s a fun and easily changeable way to display your flowers- you can mix things up everyday if you want!

These Mugs from Brooklyn Rehab don’t have just any silhouette on them- they have YOURS (or the profile of your favorite newlyweds, parents, siblings, etc.).  

Yes, they’re expensive, but what a cool idea!  It’s so unique and the type of present people will talk about for many moons.

This set of pencils is imprinted with “oft-forgotten information” so the recipient of your gift will never have to waste valuable writing time wondering about water’s boiling point again.  And while they may not actually need a pencil that lists the first 20 digits of Pi are, they’re guaranteed to think of you and smile whenever they use it.  As well as avoid that tricky “I before E except after C” business. 


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