Friday, May 28, 2010

Que Bella

Sometimes we all need a little reminder of just how beautiful, wonderful and intricate the world we live in is.  I was going through various pictures I’ve bookmarked in the last year that really made me stop and marvel.  I’m not talking about things that are cool or trendy, but rather the kind of beautiful that literally takes your breath away.  This collection of pictures is different in a lot of ways- some are man-made while some could only have been designed by God…some could be purchased and others are infinitely priceless- but they’re all at least representative of something undeniably picturesque.  Part of the reason we launched Design Muse was as a platform to help you beautify your life, we hope you find some inspiration in a few of the following images.  If you’re in the market for an interesting long-term project, try keeping track of the things you personally find genuinely beautiful.  Yes, it will help you from a design perspective, but even more than that- it will serve as a reminder whenever you need it that today is a great day to be alive!


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