Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Flower Lovers, Brace Yourselves

There are few things on our planet more intrinsically lovely than flowers.  As the paradise that is my parents’ back yard continues to blossom I get excited just thinking about some of the flower arrangements that will soon decorate their home.  From Peonies and Hydrangea to Magnolias and roses of every variety, I’m floored year after year by just how magnificent the flowers are.  I was looking for some floral inspiration while I wait for peak season outside and I sure did find it in Moda Botanica, a collaborative venture by Judith Campbell, Bailey Hale and Armas Koehler.  They bring together over thirty years combined experience in floral, horticulture and event industries and it more than shows.  I came across their company a few years ago at the Philadelphia Flower Show (where their exhibit has won best of show two years running) and never quite forgot their amazing work.  Here are a few of my very favorite floral displays from their vast portfolio.  They are, in a word, A-MA-ZING.


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