Monday, May 31, 2010


We hope you had a fantastic day celebrating and honoring the sacrifices made by so many of our brave soldiers.  Today marks the unofficial start of summer, which means if you’re not ready to barbecue you better start preparing yourself!  Here are some of the most stylish barbecue goodies we could find, Happy Memorial Day.

These disposable cups are awesome- peel back the white paper and you’ve got an etch-able black surface to write your name, nickname, or alter-ego’s name.  No markers required!  They’re oh so cute and just $9 for a pack of 32.

These environmentally friendly disposable plates are quite chic.  They’re FDA approved food-safe and made of 100% organically grown bamboo, which means not only are they sturdier than the average disposable plate, they’re biodegradable too!  At about $0.75 a piece they’re a relatively affordable alternative to paper.

I couldn’t get over the packaging of this disposable silverware “kit”- it’s absolutely fantastic.  Is it worth the big fat $6 per set price tag?  You’ll have to use your best judgment on that one.  I for one will probably be attempting to create a cheaper knock off in the near future.  How hard can it be? (I’ll let you know when I find out.)

I’m totally sold on this 
personalized steak brander!  For $40 you can sear the three initials (or two initials and an & sign) of your choice into any and every barbecued meat on your grill.  Not only would it be fun to own, it would make an awesome gift for any grill master or obsessive monogram-er in your life.

As much as I love to cook, I’m admittedly clueless when it comes to barbecuing.  In fact, “find someone to turn on the grill” ranks high on my list of reasons why I’m eventually going to have to get married.  That being said, I could still be enticed to wander out towards the grill if I got to wear an apron this cute.  Anthropologie has a selection as fabulous as their dresses and thankfully less expensive.  This little show-stopper is $32.

I’m a big fan of this Fine-Mesh Grill Pan from Williams Sonoma.  It allows you to brown and saut√© even the smallest pieces of food and achieve that smoky flavor only an outdoor grill can provide.  It’s safe for use on gas or charcoal grills, dishwasher safe, and just $30.


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