Thursday, May 6, 2010


The last few days have brought some great moments.  There’s been some stress involved with complications from the flood, but comparatively speaking my family was extremely blessed and protected through the whole ordeal.  One of the wonderful things about having a close family is that when difficult times come we stick together, gain strength from each others support, and help each other come out stronger.  Last night we celebrated Cinco de Mayo with an outrageously fun fiesta…it provided just the right amount of distraction to take our mind off recent events.  Hilarity ensued, to say the least…I can’t wait to print out and frame some pictures!  It was one of those nights we all needed, and I know we’ll enjoy reflecting on it for a long time.  I’m sure you can think of an experience you feel the same way about.  It’s pictures from times like these that turn a house into a vibrant home.  If you haven’t used some to decorate then put it at the top of your to-do list, your house needs them!  Here are some interesting and fun frames to consider showcasing these treasured moments in. 

Z Gallerie has a ton of amazing frames, but we really went crazy over these Mignon Mirrored Frames.  Their fusion of antique and contemporary would look great in just about any space.  

These Attic Frames (also from Z Gallerie) are as distressed as the mirror frames are polished, but I love their nostalgic quality.  These would be my choice to add even more character to an old family picture.

This Gold-Tone Twig Frame from Neiman Marcus offers a graceful design obviously inspired by nature.  It’s fancy yet not excessively delicate and we just love it!

For a super unique piece, look no further than this Bight Frame from Anthropologie .  Bound in founds of rope, it looks nautical and young...two attributes that may very well never go out of style.  

These ornate white frames would blend in beautifully in a luxurious room or stand out as a fun contrast in a casual room.  Either way, they’re  pretty exquisite.

We’d entrust this Michael Aram Black Orchid Easel Framewith even our most precious photographs.  It’s creative, intricate and the very definition of pretty. 


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