Wednesday, April 9, 2014

3 Ideas

1.  Find 10 outfits you love…on anyone, anywhere (think magazines, movies, TV, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, award shows, and so on and so forth).  Even if you feel like "I could never pull that off", even if they seem way out of your price range, even if they're 10x dressier than the dressiest piece in your closet, find them and take a good look.  What can you apply to your wardrobe from those outfits?  Somewhere out there is a brilliant stylist that already put in the time to come up with those amazing looks, there's no shame in capitalizing on it!  Is there a killer color combination that made you swoon?  A perfectly cut dress?  A fabulous balance of accessories?  Even if you don't run off and go on a shopping spree, just make a note of what caught your eye.  You never know when you might need that little piece of inspiration!

2.  Start with what you have.  I know, I know- your closet is a nightmare, you hate all your clothes, it's a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad suggestion.  But it's a task worth tackling.  Anytime you can put outfits together before you need them…when you're in a healthy state of mind and not in a rush/feeling like you want to break something/etc…you're better off for it.  And can I make a kind of weird suggestion that I really think might help?  Before you start the process of sorting through your clothes and/or assembling outfits…take a shower.  Style your hair, put on makeup, throw on a supportive bra and some seamless underwear and feel good about how you look.  Then (and only then) can you make fair assessments.

3.  Save for one or two pieces that make you feel really great.  They don't have to be "investment pieces" of the highest quality or even expensive in any way, just something you love.  A go-to piece, if you will.  I have a few I run to on the regular…a pair of jeans from Zara that fit me perfectly, a red Diane Von Fürstenberg wrap dress that I got on sale at Loehmans when I lived in Miami, a pair of nude ballet flats that seemingly match everything I own, a comfy James Perse v-neck and a simple gold key necklace from Forever 21 that I think may have belonged to my cousin, Jessie, at one point.  Whatever I spent on them, it wasn't enough cause they always come through for me!

If you're willing to spend a good bit of time to hone your style, the results are well worth it!  If you're not and would rather have someone tackle it for you, it just so happens that's one of our specialties.  In fact, you can check out our list of services here!  As always- if we can help, we'd love to!


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